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 Aug, 27, 2021

Just back from Seattle where Kathi Sang at The Seattle Yacht Club in celebration of Rachel Caprio life - Rachel used to here Kathi Sing at Mozarts in Austin 20 years ago. Thank You Matthew for following your heart and moving my life forward. 


Kathi's songs don't burn rubber on a dead end road going nowhere fast, no vision, no hope, rather, they remind one of a rich life." One that's possible despite all the voices telling you it's not, hope bigger than the punches that come out of anywhere. Her musical spirited, generous, father,

a kindred spirit to: Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and precious folk singer John Denver, simultaneously fell in love with her forever young mother. They both loved country music and being Italian, loved romance and mom loved-  Toscannini, Ray Charles and Abba. 1980 - Maverick mom travelled Down South selling typewriters door to door, while Kathi went to a local college. It was through her dorm room window, Mark Irwin, a fledgling songwriter, heard Kathi singing. She joined his country band, wearing a silver belt buckle and cowboy boots. She sang, standards: EmmyLou was his favorite. Mark would soon write for her. Kathi fell in love with country songs. They were so sad and beautiful.  Using dads guitar singing to Simon and Garfunkel, prepared her somewhat to this musical life, ha, yet,  being a  folk singer in country attire was pretty, scary. Refreshing. Real. She was and still is her own brand of "Good Song Heart". An Austin singing contestant  once said, "You are the Real deal!                             

"Mark went on to Nashville to write:"Here in the Real World" making Alan Jackson a Mega star!  Kathi went to Austin to be an Artist & Sing. She continued writing her own songs again, after writing at 13, to her sleepy sister (more details per request) She wrote: 

"Something Special, Full Bloom.


"In Austin, Kathi worked with Charley Larkey the bass player/Carol Kings seminal "Tapestry"John Mills wind instruments on Leonard Cohen famous Blue Raincoat  and Rick Mcrae "Ace in the Hole:  George Strait" most songs on this site are on "Greater than Gold" - written on a old  $50 dollar piano from Miles thrift store. Only the key of C was in tune ( sorta kinda). Soon recorded at Parrot Tracks with George Coyne.

Kathi ambles through the ruins of experience, with an optimism that defies long suffering.  Her Northeast, West, Texas & Midcoast songs unearth pearls of love ~ where people are openhearted.


A moment of love

before the big scare of 2020

on A bus.

Christmas Eve. Grand Central Station -

my Christmas gifts are still there -

I hope.

All I heard were words, 

Love and Peace on a bus in the East~

hard to believe

most say - why go there.

....afraid to leave Austin, leave Texas, the high spirited youthful people who I met and who inspired me. Older sister left, sad, mom gone.

"I'm traveling now~ walking, bus, train, plane, taxi too, in and on the clouds, comforted by heavens hugs, resting often on my hand looking out at the world, resting in a blanket of softness, unimaginable, along the way -

"Arriving in NY, on the bus, Christmas Eve, was precious. Love was real. All I heard were words of Love and Peace on a bus in the East. Thank You, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays~that's All.

They knew, wisdom,  if any night could bring Peace for them - it was Christmas Eve. LOVE looking out at gravestones from 400 years ago that went on for miles.