Mothers day May 2020, 

After weeks, of sound mind and communication, my sister now was in Pain. Mumbling, talking about scary things that the dentist will be doing. She's still in a nursing home since she was 54. - For no Just Cause. Except too many years, under the powers that be. I pray for her way out.  Please.



Last night - 1 week since I watched her die for hours, days, nights. I saw my mother, she was right here standing by me, it wasn't a dream. I was sitting on the edge of a bed facing North, My mother was standing up strong with her straight back, maybe holding my hands, showing me how Ok she was - is. She wore a white top and light blue pants with a blue aura around her and in the room. She was her stoic, confident self and reassuring to me that she was healthy. Not suffering.  No pain.

After reaching me,  in my soul, she left the room, and down the hall. I felt Peace. My mother. How will anyone know her, now.

Yesterday July 4, 2019, 

Sorry to say, these days, Lisa, can barely walk, and her hands hurt to use them, since mom passed away last week,  she has been put on more medications, that's what she asks for and what the nursing homes do.  They think it helps. She can no longer walk at all, even though 2 weeks ago she did. Now her hands are covered with blisters and she can't use her legs or hands.


Hi I am glad you made it this far~ fyi .....LISAS WALKING!! June 1. 2019. Into a CVS,  bought a card and back to car. First time in 10 years. 

I have not sent this to Kick starter yet. I could benefit from an editor.

By Supporting my KICKSTARTER we will Primarily support my sisters Freedom from a  nursing home.

also your care will also support: 

"Waltzing Our Children", "Greater than Gold" and "Angel of Forgiveness" you will be helping:

1) "Waltzing Our Children" unite children with elderly- help get my sister out of a nursing home.
2) "Greater than Gold" printing my album. Maybe new songs on Vinyl.

3) "Angel of Forgiveness" film - Make my movie of the true story of the "Intercession of Grace" between a father and daughter.

1)"Waltzing Our Children" - connecting children with nursing homes.

Waltzing Our Children and our parents is about  honoring  children who need a good encouraging word, not a label, someone to take a moment to listen to them at a table with Poems and Prayers and Promises. My ministry will include music on Vinyl records; we will introduce them to The Waltz; something our older generation can help with by "Sharing something", like I was able to share the simple Angel cards with my father, (see 26th & 6th -Angel of Forgiveness Story);  who felt he had nothing to give.  We all have something to share and feel good about; instead of pushing and medicating our children and elders. This  cause "Waltzing our Children" is for Labeled forsaken children and adults. The money will help get my sister out of the nursing home she was put in, because over prescriptions and negligence she stopped walking and was found with pneumonia,  after operating on her lung she never left the rehab center. She is tired now. Have you ever seen a tired person, they look ill. Looking ill? More drugs.  My sister - now in a nursing home for 3 years at 54 years old, exploited by the medical industry since 13 has been brain washed to believe - it's a good place for her. Why because it's easy. How to find her a place to live, how to substitute Medications for;  a dinner table with prayers and promises. See News Report below.

2) "Greater Than Gold"  on Vinyl

"Finding waltzes and all sorts of forgotten music on vinyl reminds me of the little superstar record player my dad gave me as an adult, I learn songs from them for my shows and I used to sing songs with my sister, while looking at the Tapestry covers. In this day and age when children are on an endless roster of medications and most people can't read the lyrics on a CD liner without a magnifying glass, going vinyl makes sense. There's something warm, in an analog way, that needs to be remembered today -- just like waltzes and forgotten songs. And that something that needs to be remembered is greater than all the tempestuous and finite  plans of modern man. It is something that is greater than gold. We learned to sing, Lisa and I,  from listening to vinyl records while looking at the beauty of the cover.  After my paper route, this inspired us. Later on, I became a songwriter and artist. I started writing songs at 13 for my sister, Full Bloom, Something Special; as she was being over medicated by doctors for a stomach ache. Many children today are forsaken and labelled false names.   3.8 billions prescriptions were written last year 2015 today more. Waltzing our Children: getting my sister out of a nursing home; Legal Fees.

3) Angel of Forgiveness Story: Funding a short film or beautiful movie.


An awareness about divine intervention between a daughter and father after her search for Love and  family in correlation to her sisters medical exploitation:

This film is about the intercession of Grace on 26th and 6th Ave. between a father and his daughter; played on WFUV NY and KUT, "Minstrel from Austin, Texas". "An estranged father finally agrees he does have something to give and is able to be in his daughters life". 

Risks and challenges Kickstarter

I have been working on all of this since 1990, my Angel of Forgiveness Story 1992, when it played on radio including WFUV in NY and KUT Austin.

The Risks: time spent, people not 
I found a reporter to help get my sister justice, he got real close - got the story was taken in by it all, then when family refused to help, he dropped it. Onward,  I went to Focus on Family. I am waiting.
Risk: I spent all my money on planes and hotels to see my sister, I have not given up. I get very sick. 
Risk: Sharing with people - telling my story so many times- they seem curious then say, after I shared all - this cause is not for me or Good Luck.

Dear Kickstarter individual; NEWS REPORT Over medication of Our Children.

Below is a News Report about my sister in 2012 by Chicago tribune Writer.  Today is Oct 17th, 2017  since he wrote this she has been found barely alive Oct 2016, with a high fever, abandoned in a room at the nursing home. Again I traveled down to see her through yet, another medical induced coma ( no fault of  her own) and 4 blood transfusions. It is disgraceful, unjust and she is in need of help.


Lisa Marie loves to sing, that is, when the odds are with her.  Expressive and full of life, she was first to play “Color My World” on our piano. We called her Suzie Q. as a child. Today I can’t even call her to say hi, the state nursing home has only one Phone, for all of the people. Now 53, she was in a coma last month (2nd one). Over medicated by doctors, something that has continued since childhood, she seems to have no way out. She currently lives in a hospital bed, her close-cropped hair – at times filled with electrodes. No one can explain.

She is not alone. Doctors wrote more than 3.8 billion prescriptions last year. This is a human being with a story to tell. I have wonderful faith that if given the chance and support of any loving, supportive family or couple, Lisa will thrive.  Unconditional love. We need to tell Lisa’s story.

Lisa had a need for our mothers’ attention, mom would take off work, Lisa complained of a stomachache and was put on a myriad of drugs and labeled, ulcers, anxiety, depression then, as time goes on............pick a label any label,  .........of course – many unwarranted operations to follow.

        By 1983 Lisa was a dwindling 68 pound body with eyes full of fear. I remember this visit when seeing all the pills the doctors prescribed- - incomprehensible, over flowing out of the big black bag, she could recite them all. I sang in the hospital hallway-- standing by her cot, holding onto the sterile white sheets -- brand new songs just written for her. This was the day I learned not to care what anyone thought about my singing.

              Last month 2014 she was near death again, but somehow survived. ( And again in 2016 and 2017 - last time 4 blood transfusions). We never think she will survive - waiting days, 3 blood transfusions, for her to speak. After her recent questionable lung operation and the coma- she woke up and cried to me- that she isn’t crazy they all said she was because she shouted back some truth to someone.

Her younger sister was the only one who was there to see this consistently. Over the years she watched her sister being exploited by by most everyone, the amount of medications no human could sustain. 

This time June 2014, Lisa was in hospitals and rehabs. She stopped walking long ago because of Powers that Be, and isolation. So she was learning to walk again.

"We sang – she sang.  My new hopeful friends I made in the hospital waiting room. We prayed. Lisa was coming out off the drugs.

“I am so peaceful off the medications, she said. Her eldest siblings- say Lisa never says this. “We all ignore you”, after I encourage hope.” "We ignore you and your hope." I must try to understand their side also.

I want to find her help, a support group- where you do not need a  “pick a name - any name label” just to get a bed”, maybe an adult orphanage, where she can put the uncalled for  treatments behind her.  And have a place to walk and be strong. When she is pure of mind after medications  are removed, and 3- 4  blood transfusions later, she is confident; teachable as she says. She is hopeful, believes she has a strong Testimony of Faith. Then my mother and siblings arrive who were not there when I sang to her by her bedside  after school which she slept at 14. For a  doctor drug induced stomach ache.  She knows I do not believe the lies that they want me to accept – and now - so brainwashed, deep inside, she does not either but she is tired and she can not fight the systems; growing weary; she surrenders to the lies. "oh, I like it here, people are like me".  She has not had a nice environment in so many years.

What is her label you ask, they all do, “Misdiagnosed her whole life”. Victim of medical exploitation.  Sticks and stones will break her bones but names will surely “kill her”.