First Angel Sketch

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Angel of Forgiveness

Story & Song

An innocent child/orphaned soldier loses his family & the home he built.

HIS Daughter carries an Angel musician postcard in A Dollar glass frame in her red suitcase across the country.  after many years of silence, out of necessity &  hardship she must call him where ever he may beHe answers. "I have something for you." I've been saving it, in case

I ever saw you again. He meets her on 26th & 6th Ave & hands her a large,  hefty bag........

Angel of Forgiveness Song

I saw an Angel on a Post Card Playing a Lute, I loved that Angels Truth, I painted that Angel Electric Blue and  left it, when I moved,

and with me through the rain, I carried my Post Card in a dollar glass frame. I hung it on an empty wall beside a yellow dress, needing to find rest I packed it up and left. I reached for my father, a soldier in my past.   Years and broken dreams since we spoke. He had no idea I'd be there.

"Meet me tomorrow, Sunday, 26th & 6th, I'll buy you a cuppa coffee.   I have something for you, You're gonna love it!" 

Through the rain and dense darkness of the city, into the morning light & school parking lot, I found him. Ha, my father. He handed me a large Hefty garbage bag. After unravelling many layers, newspaper, paper towels & tape,  there within my arms, was my Angel.  The Angel with the Lute, same as the Angel on post card that I carried with me, in my big red suitcase, but it was Antique Gold and Bigger too. My Angel of Forgiveness, my Angel of Truth.


a sweet story about 

something shared between sisters and a father:

angel of forgiveness

In 1986, 6 years earlier, I found this Angel Print in a dark closet, awed by the innocence I felt, I asked my sister where it came from, she said, "Dad gave it to me" you can have it. She gave it to me. I stayed up into the night drawing this pencil sketch. After printing it I realized my art  brought hope to people and those people who bought my card - gave me hope. My loving sister gave this print to me, a gift from my father to her. 

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