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From Songs to Art 

Kathi Nordone grew up in a loving, lively Italian household, in a calm, quiet area of Westchester, New York. She lived next door to her grandparents where her grandfather grew grapes on his small farm and whistled happy songs. A beautiful old blossoming cherry tree grew between the homes which where built by her father and grandfather. 

A fascination with Chickadees and the sea, developed while Kathi was living and working in Austin, Texas, as an accomplished singer. Her large gesso paintings of angel wings eventually gave way to intimate portraits of the humble songbird. In addition to her songbird, pen and ink drawings. she is currently experimenting with a series of whimsical collages of  "A few Favorite things" and soft pencil portraits. Serendipitously, she discovered the Chickadee to be the state bird of Maine after relocating to Damariscotta in 2008. 

Stylistically, the wedding between intimate detail and humble simplicity is rooted in her respect for life, seeing the extra ordinary in the everyday miracles. Like the inside heart of a old pocket watch, the feathers of a sparrow are drawn with respect and admiration. Whether it be serene landscapes near water with lush green trees, the wide open spaces of Texas, or the nostalgia of New England, these influences reveal themselves in watercolors and pen and ink sketches that are at times whimsical, at others elegant and simple. 


Kathi holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Texas. Among other places her work has shown at the Jacob Javitts Center in New York, at Texas Carved Stone in Florence, Texas, Image gallery with Brian Joseph and Deborah Roberts, Pemaquid Gallery in MaineRiver Arts Gallery.

She has appeared on Fox TV-7 in Austin, been written about by the Austin American Statesman and been interviewed by KUT, KGSR and WFUV radio stations. 

Art Shows
Currently July 2020 Rivers Arts
Tapestry,  Murals
Brian Joseph, Bydee Man

Image Art Gallery Austin, Texas

Jacob Javitt's, NYC

Image Art Gallery, Austin, Tx

Pemaquid Gallery, Me

River Arts, Me Aug 2020 Sold painting 2,300

Rising Tide, Me

Green Lion, Bath, Me


This is a Lilac,

 I sketched for my Sweet forever young Mom.

She Loves this. And wanted to give it to me to sell at a market for "Oh, honey no less than a thousand". 

That's my crazy D.O.D dear 'ol dad. Check out his socks : ) 

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