Angel of  Forgiveness 

Miracle 26th & 6th Ave 

in 1992, I saw an Angel on a Post Card Playing a Lute,

I loved that Angels Truth

I painted that Angel Electric Blue, but left it when I moved. 

And with me through the rain, I carried the Post Card in a dollar glass frame.

When I arrived in NYC.  I was without a place to stay, 

I had no intentions of calling my father  

until I found a job and home. 

I had to call, not seeing him or talking for many years,

we met at Chelsea Street Flea Market 26th & 6th Ave.

He said " I'll buy you a coffee, I have something for you.

You're gonna love it.!"

And there within my arms, 

was my Angel.

My Angel with the Lute, but it was Antique Gold and Bigger too.

My Angel of Forgiveness, my Angel of Truth.

1n 1986 I found this Angel Print in a closet, inspired by  it's innocence, I stayed up into the night drawing this sketch and started selling my hand sketched cards from Angels found.

In 1992 the intercession of Grace took place on Chelsea Street 26th & 6th Ave. between a father and a daughter. Please Read above and below.

Thank You for reading and hopefully sharing my story,

there are more details below ~ READ MORE OF MY ANGEL STORY