Miracle on 26th & 6th. Ave 

Angel of Forgiveness Song



 Inspired by an Angel on a  postcard, a painting is created, the golden wooden Lute changed into an electric blue guitar. 

The following day the new blue painting (see below) stays behind and the postcard is carried away in a red suitcase. While traveling across the country, to sing songs and find a manager or decent job or sell sketched Angel cards.  The little red winged Angel postcard, in a dollar glass Frame , in times of sorrow, was  lifted up, out of the suitcase,  suffering  eyes would rest, looking at  beauty, a reminder of innocence. Love, maybe love.  She  found herself  in need of a bed and after many years, reached out, to find her father.  


Once a young man, who was sent to war as at 17, who was a front line soldier.  First an orphaned child, a little boy, an innocent being, an innocent. Who, after war, and trauma, lost his beautiful  family, his wife and the home he built by hand.  

She calls. He answers. "I'll buy you a cup of coffee, he says, I have something for you, You're gonna love it!" I've been saving it, in case, I ever saw you. Meet me tomorrow Sunday, on 26th & 6th Ave. where I sell antiques at Chelsea Street Market.


Somehow, she made her way there ~ she sees her father working, moving antiques, rearranging. They meet,  he hands her a large dark hefty bag................


In 1986, 6 years earlier, I found this Angel Print in a dark closet, awed by the innocence I felt, I asked my sister where it came from, she said, "Dad gave it to me" you can have it. She gave it to me. I stayed up into the night drawing this pencil sketch. After printing it I realized my art  brought hope to people and those people who bought my card - gave me hope. I asked my father for more Angels that's all, he declined then said o.k.

My loving sister, gave this print to me, from her generous heart, a gift from my father to her. 

1.MB cropped angel  soft.jpg

My first card sketch from Dads print 1986

2018-07-02 15.31.37 2.JPG

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