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a sweet story about 

something shared between sisters and a father:

angel of forgiveness



Miracle  26th  &  6th  Ave.

Angel Story 

Angel of Forgiveness Song

I saw an Angel on a Post Card Playing a Lute,

I loved that Angels Truth, I painted that Angel Electric Blue & left it, when I moved

and with me through the rain, I carried the " Post Card " in a dollar glass frame...

I hung it on an empty wall beside a yellow dress, 

someone needed to find rest, so I packed it up again,

Go find your father, a voice said. You have a father.

I called. He answered,  After 10 years all he said was, "Meet me tomorrow Sunday, on 26th & 6th Ave. 

Chelsea Street Flea Market, 

I'll be working, selling my goods,

I'll buy you a cupa coffee? 

I have something for you, 

You're gonna love it!"

I found him. He handed me a large Hefty garbage bag,

after unravelling many layers, newspaper, paper towels & tape,

there within my arms, was my Angel. 

The Angel with the Lute, same as the post card I had with me, in my red Samsonite suitcase,

but it was Antique Gold and Bigger too.

My Angel of Forgiveness, my Angel of Truth.

You see,  In 1986, 6 years earlier, I found this Angel Print in a closet, inspired by  it's innocence, I asked my Sister where it came from, she said, 'Daddy gave it to me". She gave it to me.

I stayed up into the night drawing this sketch and started selling my handmade cards from 'Shared Angels found".

After printing this card, it brought hope to people and those people who bought my card - brought me hope. 

All because my sister gave this framed print to me, a gift to her from my father.